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What is Google Nearby Share? How to use it?

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The Google Nearby Share feature is a way for Android users to quickly share the content they want with each other. But how to use it? In the following, we will discuss the use of Google’s Nearby application and how to use it.

Android’s Nearby Share feature is a way for users of these phones to quickly transfer content, like the feature that Apple offers with AirDrop(How to use AirDrop on your iPhone or iPad) for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS users. Nirbai Shir feature allows Android users to share quickly and reliably among thousands of Android phone models. This feature works both online and offline. This article explains how to activate Nearby Google on your phone and how to work with this feature and compatible devices.

What is Google’s Nearby Share feature?

In June 2020, Google released the feature that Android users have been waiting for for years. A feature similar to Apple’s AirDrop feature. This feature was released as a function called (Nearby Share). The Nearby Share feature makes sending and receiving files and content between Android users easy.

The Google Nearby Share feature allows Android users to share files, links, and images with other nearby Android users while maintaining their privacy. In fact, the use of Google Nearby Share is the possibility of transferring files between Android users. Instead of opening separate applications such as WhatsApp or Gmail, the user can find and attach the desired file. In fact, with Nirbai Shir you can send your desired content with just a few moves.

In this way, when using the Nearby Share feature, a list of devices near the user will appear, and the Android user can send the desired content or file to the desired person. When he selects the recipient, he will receive a notification with the option to accept or reject the sent file. Then Google Tap automatically sets the best way to transfer quickly and easily using Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, or WebRTC. In this way, even when the user is offline, he can use this feature.

Is Google Nearby Share supported by your phone?

Nearby Share is supported on phones running Android 6 or higher. Therefore, if your phone’s operating system is Android 6 and above, you can use this feature. Otherwise, the Google Nearby Share feature is not supported on your phone.

How to use Google Nearby Share

How to activate Google Nearby and use it is very simple. First, you need to go to your phone’s settings and tap on Google.

On the next page, select Devices and sharing.

On the next page, just activate the Use nearby share option.

You can also access this feature from the phone’s quick settings menu.

How to send files with Google Nearby

File sharing through Nearby Share is no different from sharing photos, videos, or any other type of document you have in your phone’s internal memory. First, just go to the desired file and then select that file and click on the Share option.

In the menu that appears, click on Nearby Share. Depending on the version of the operating system as well as the user interface, this option may be shown with a separate icon or without an icon.

The phone will then allow you to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Click Allow. Then your phone will search for the destination device. After finding the device, click on it to start the file transfer process.

In this way, you can share any file, even songs in Spotify, with others by selecting the Share option or icon and then selecting Nearby Share. To share files successfully, the other party must also have this feature enabled on their phone.

Then a notification as shown above will be shown to him. To accept the file, just click on Accept.

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Above, we discussed file transfer with Nearby Share, but with this feature, you can also share apps inside the phone. Of course, only the programs you have received from Google Play. To do this, first go to Google Play and click on your profile picture. Then select the Manage apps & device option.

On the next page, click on Send in the Share apps section. Also, if you want to receive an application from another user, you must select Receive.

On the next page, select the application or applications you want to share.

Then click on the send icon at the top right of the screen. Next, select the destination phone and send the programs. On the receiving phone, after selecting the Receive option, the phone will be ready to receive the file.

After finding the sender’s phone, just tap on Receive again to receive the files.


In short, the Nirbay feature is an easy way to transfer files between Android phone users. The Google Nearby Share feature can be found on Android 6 and above devices. You can follow us in the comments section to express your opinions about the use of Nirbay Google

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