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Viral marketing or viral marketing; Is it effective?

Are you a digital marketer? If you are a marketer, you must have heard the term viral marketing many times. Viral marketing is so powerful that many users want their content to go viral. Viral marketing is a part of social marketing and has a lot of value among businesses. To the extent that even an essential part of Instagram marketing depends on the content going viral, and if this happens, you can attract thousands of followers. So, if you want to know viral marketing professionally, stay with us in this article so we can check it out thoroughly.

    What is viral marketing or viral marketing?

    If you are a user of social networks, from time to time, you see videos that are shared among many users! Such tapes are so attractive and professionally designed that many users like them and send them to their friends. Sharing the video with users and sending it to their friends is the content becoming viral. Content going viral is the sharing of content by thousands of users, which ultimately makes that content known as a successful video. So viral marketing is a marketing campaign where users share your video without being affiliated with your brand.

    If you are an Instagram user, you must have seen such videos a lot! Especially since Instagram users are publishing Tik Tok videos. Users indirectly promote the Tik Tok social network on Instagram; Without having any affiliation with the Tik Tok brand. The power of viral marketing is immense. That’s why businesses that use it well grow a lot.

    Does viral marketing work?

    One of the questions users ask is, does viral marketing work? The handsome conditions musicians must be met. It is not the case that any content you produce will go viral. For the content to go viral, there must be a lovely scenario behind it so that when users see it, they send it to their friends. Even if viral marketing is done right, people who received your content from others may still send it to their friends. Now suppose this cycle continues again and again! In this case, millions of people may see your content and become your followers.

    One of the most successful examples of viral marketing that can be seen in social networks is contests! Many pages hold competitions for their Instagram marketing, and one of their conditions is to send that post to friends or mention it. These contests are also a form of viral content and can help your page grow a lot. So viral marketing will be a great way to build brand awareness and improve your brand reputation.

    What are the key elements of viral marketing?

    If you are going to use viral marketing, you should know it well before taking action. One of the most effective things that can guarantee your success is that you know the key elements of viral marketing. These fundamental elements will help you plan and execute your viral marketing campaign well. In this part of the article, we want to review six crucial and essential aspects of viral marketing, with the help of which you can create a very successful campaign and go viral:


    You may have come across very daring content! You can only make your content viral if you can boldly tell users your slogan; viral marketing won’t work for you. Of course, this courage should not lead to the failure of your brand! In fact, the brand is an important issue; whatever you do, you should be very aware that it will benefit your brand and not destroy it. In fact, before anything else, you should consider whether this will cause an adverse reaction from users! If the answer is no, you can use it.

    This happened in one of the advertising campaigns that helped grow the brand with the help of viral marketing. Dollar Shave Club is one of the brands that operate in the field of hygiene and cleaning products and used viral marketing to grow its brand. This brand produces clean razors and uses the tagline “Our razors are great, and this is a real risk” to make their product go viral. While it may have had a negative effect, the target audience loved it verbally, and the campaign boosted the brand’s credibility.


    Another issue that viral marketing is critical of is credibility. You cannot force users to share your content; Rather, users should like the content enough to share it with other users. Your content should have a lot of credibility and be authentic, genuine, and organic to get the best results. Let’s say you are creating a viral marketing campaign for your product or service! If this content ultimately feels like advertising to the user, it will make you unable to get a good result. Users like advertising content sparingly, but they want engaging content.

    The attractiveness of your advertising campaign’s content increases your brand’s credibility. Nowadays, advertising campaigns are less about introducing the product directly but the product itself while being used in an attractive scenario. In such a situation, users are looking to see what that product or service is and what brand offers it. These issues can help your brand grow a lot. Therefore, give a lot of importance to the credibility of your viral marketing campaign to make it successful.

    ·  Relationship

    Some brands are brilliant! One of the most critical issues that can lead to the success of viral marketing for brands is communication. Communication can be of time, occurrence, event, or anything else. One of the brands that were very successful in its time was the Oreo brand. The brand increased its credibility to a great extent due to the timely and intelligent execution of its campaign when users really needed it. If your viral marketing campaign is executed at the right time and exactly when users need it, your success will be guaranteed.

    Even you can use Tik Tok challenges to grow your brand and make your content go viral. In Tik Tik challenges, sometimes brands produce beautiful content, attracting users’ attention. Attracting users’ opinions means that users will share that content with their friends and acquaintances and ultimately help grow that brand. Many brands have used such techniques that you only need to read a little in this field. By using the successful methods of such brands, you can help your brand grow.

    · Award or help from the charity

    Another precious thing that can make your viral marketing campaign successful is the prize. You can ask users to share your content to win prizes. It is natural that the more extensive and valuable the Award, the more users participate in it. This is why many businesses in world are giving away valuable prizes such as iPhones, considered a useful product in world. With the help of such tricks, you can get the best results and help your brand grow.

    You can also coordinate with a charity, so the campaign is a win-win for both parties! Charities are looking to raise more money for good causes, and if you have a good offer for them, you can use it. For example, you can tell your users that for every like on an Instagram post, one thousand tomans will be given to charity. Many brands outside of world used this method and got excellent results.

    · Emotions

    In marketing campaigns, user emotions are everything! It is emotions that make the user do something. So if you want your viral marketing campaign to be successful, keep people’s bodies in mind. If you can get people to feel it, they are more likely to share your content with their friends and family. This feeling can be satisfaction, anger, happiness, trust and. Be! Which emotion to evoke in the user to get the best results will depend entirely on your brand and campaign type.

    In the campaigns organized by different brands, it is essential to attract users’ feelings! The reason is that big brands have realized that the emotions of the users can help them succeed. If the user doesn’t get emotional, they won’t do anything, and your viral marketing will fail. If you are active in the field of business, you know that a lot of money is spent on campaigns, and if the desired movement does not work, the only cost of that business or organization is wasted. On the contrary, many campaigns get millions of views on their videos by attracting users’ emotions.

    · Ability to share

    Another thing to consider in a viral marketing campaign is the ease of sharing. If the user likes a video, he sends it to his friends. Now, if he doesn’t find a simple way to send it, he will block it. Ultimately, this issue prevents you from getting a good result for your viral marketing campaign. So make sure to share your campaign video with users so they can easily share it with others. This issue has made Instagram marketing the best viral marketing method because it is easy to share videos.

    Also, to make your content more viral and seen by more users, you can publish it on multiple platforms. This will make users of all social networks see your content! Of course, this issue requires a lot of funds, and only some businesses can afford it. For such companies, we suggest using Instagram to get the best results. Also, if you have published the desired content on your site, place the sharing buttons on other social networks where users can easily access them.

    How to have a successful viral marketing campaign?

    Now that you’re familiar with viral marketing and the key elements that make it successful, it’s time to learn how to run a successful viral marketing campaign. This part of the article will help you know how to have a viral marketing campaign that is guaranteed to be successful. This section will review six steps you can only ensure success with going through. Therefore, to start viral marketing, we suggest that you pay enough attention to these things so that you can get the best results:

    Know your audience

    Are you planning to create a viral marketing campaign? The first step you should take is to know your audience. You need to know who your target audience is. Especially if you are planning to create an advertising campaign for your business, you should first see who the target audience is. Then produce content for such people and make it available to them. Of course, knowing the target audience will help you in the following steps, and you can get excellent results from your viral marketing campaigns. So before doing anything, first see your target audience and then take the following steps.

    There are different ways to know your target audience; we suggest using demographics, the online behavior of users, sharing patterns, and users’ interests. Once you know these things well, you will know your target audience and plan your viral marketing campaign strategy accordingly. Also, content ideas come to your mind more easily when you know your target audience. You can produce content many users are interested in and attract your target audience.

    Know your goal of going viral

    Before doing anything, you must define your goal! In fact, having a plan is necessary for you to have a good strategy and get good results. You can only see if your campaign was successful! Because the success of a campaign ultimately depends on your goals, and if your goals are not achieved with that campaign, you cannot analyze the final result. Therefore, the target is significant in the viral marketing campaign. After you know your target audience, you need to see what goals you will achieve. Bring your dreams into your viral marketing campaign strategy and see if that goal has been completed at the end of the campaign.

    Your viral marketing goal can be anything! For example, it can be brand awareness or increasing Instagram page followers. Knowing your goal and seeing if it has been achieved is essential. Your goals can be to increase sales, register users, or subscribe to them. Goals for viral marketing will help you know what to do for your brand and, ultimately, see if the goals are being met. Even if the goals are not achieved, you can step into the marketing field more successfully for the next campaigns.

    · Specify your content type

    Another issue that is very important in viral marketing is the type of content. Any content has a chance to become viral, but you should see which type of content is helpful for your business. The target audience of any business is interested in some content, and you should use the same type of content to have a chance to go viral. You should see which is the best option for your business to use the same type in the best possible way. Currently, five types of content have a high chance of going viral:


    o Competitions

    o Trends of the day

    Behavior patterns

    o Movies and videos

    Currently, video is the best format to go viral; you can easily use it to make your content go viral. Of course, video production requires a professional team in the field of display and editing so that you can get the best results from it. It should also be noted that video production costs the most and takes the longest time, and requires a strong team. Your business’s marketing team must be able to find trending topics to appeal to users. This issue increases the possibility of your content becoming viral.

    Get attention early

    Another thing to keep in mind is to grab attention too early! Your content should attract users’ attention in the first few seconds so that the user will continue to see it. If the user does not watch your video until the end, the probability that he will send it to his friends will be very low. This is why in video production, you should attract the opinion of users in the first 5 seconds so that the chances of the content becoming viral will increase to a great extent. You should pay attention to these issues when producing a video! Because video editing takes a lot of time and may not turn out to be what it really should be. To create a video, be sure to write a scenario and script so that you know how to attract your audience.

    Even if you need help to develop an engaging scenario yourself, try to use someone with expertise in this field to get the best results. It doesn’t matter if your content is a contest or a challenge! It would help if you always tried to attract the opinion of users to get the best result. This issue is critical in viral marketing; you can get the best results.

    Have a single message

    Viral marketing needs to be simple! Viral marketing should be so simple that users can get the best results without complications. Of course, being simple doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stick to it! But you should always adhere to its principles and be able to get the best result. Try always to express the concept simply and concisely! For example, tell the user the desired result in a central message and a summary sentence if you have an important campaign. This can significantly contribute to the success of your viral marketing campaign.

    You should also make sure that your content is so important to users that they want to share it with other users immediately. In fact, viral marketing is based on subscription; if users do not share it with other users, your viral marketing will not succeed. Note that you cannot force viral marketing! You cannot force users to share your content. Instead, your content should be so simple and attractive that the user can do it himself.

    Create and share

    The last step to a viral marketing campaign is to create it! Now that you know what you’re going to produce and make available to users, it’s time to have it. In fact, at this point, you know what message you are going to promote! So it’s time to make it. You must also specify the format of your content! You should see if your content will be a contest, challenge, or something else. Do this and then create content related to it. In the last step, you should publish it on your social page, such as Instagram, so that users can see it. Of course, its publication is not the final step, but there is still a long way to go.

    In the next step, think of a solution to make your content visible! For the content to be shared by many users, you need to find a way for it to be seen. For example, you can promote your desired content so that more users can see it. This issue helps increase the content shared by other users and get the best results.


    If you are a social media user, you must have seen a lot of content being shared by many users! This type of content is becoming viral; it spreads quickly like a virus and is seen by many users. Such a marketing method that can guarantee the success of brands is called viral marketing. If you also want your brand, product, or service to be seen, we suggest using viral marketing. Mainly if you use Instagram marketing, viral marketing will significantly help you. In this article, we have comprehensively reviewed this issue! If you have any questions, you can ask them through the comments section so that we can guide you completely.

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