Setup tips for Xiaomi phones using MIUI 12.5.

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Most of the resources are delivered by phone. You can adjust Wi-Fi speed, screen touch speed and delay or game sound mode in this section to fully immerse yourself in this experience. You can also customize the settings of each game for a better gaming experience. If you enjoy video games, be sure to turn this setting on and play skillfully!

Video Toolbox settings.
This section is for people who watch a lot of videos and movies on their phones. Since the virtual space and the lifestyle in general has progressed to the point where watching video has become a lifestyle and all the contents of the virtual space have become video content, Xiaomi decided to include video-related features and settings in the phones. It does so that the user can enjoy watching videos with Xiaomi phones in a better way. Find special features and enter this code. Then go to this section by selecting Video Toolbox. Depending on whether you enable this setting, the video toolbox shortcut can be displayed on the left or right side of the image. Just enter the gallery and after activating and locating the shortcut, start the desired video. A shortcut will now be visible on the right or left side of the image you selected in the settings section. It can be moved into the screen by dragging it there. You will be presented with various choices. Directly from this screen, you can share the phone image with other devices such as TV or other smartphones, record the screen or take a picture of the current video. After this you can improve the video quality in the section. When watching movies on your phone, you can choose the color settings you prefer and experiment with different filters. In addition, by using the multitasking feature, you can watch the video and use other phone software at the same time. For content creators or online learners, this feature is very useful.

Gesture controls.
Several years ago, smartphones began to support gestures and motion commands. By programming some gestures to do a specific task for you, you can give specific commands to the phone. The first and most well-known gesture is to pick up the phone and turn it so that the screen turns on when you do this. In Xiaomi phones and the new user interface, there are various gestures that you can completely personalize by adjusting each of the gestures. do. Now select Gesture Shortcuts from the menu. By entering this section, you can define various movement commands for the phone, where you will see all the movements and settings. The tab gesture on the back of Apple phones, which is now available on Android phones, is one of the most attractive gestures. You can customize the back tab gesture so that, for example, you double-tap the back of the phone to open the phone’s camera. In this section, you can define and use any gesture. The user feels better and thanks to these gestures, using the phone is more convenient and attractive. Of course, not all Xiaomi phones have this feature and it may or may not be available to the user depending on the part number or serial number of the phone. However, this does not mean that some phones will never have this feature. It just means that these features will probably be added later. Get phone software input and update it. In this article, we tried to describe the useful settings of Xiaomi phones, but maybe we will highlight only 10% of the attractive and useful settings of Xiaomi for you dear Mobobox. Please let us know in the comments if you enjoyed Let’s Introduce and Check More Settings of Xiaomi Phones. Thank you for staying with us until the end.

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