How to test laptop webcam in Windows+4 great ways

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Joining a call or video conference can be more stressful than you might imagine. Everyone knows how to set up video conferencing software, but almost all users first worry about whether their laptop’s webcam is working. In this article, we will discuss several methods for teaching webcam testing.
It is always preferable to know how to test the laptop camera in Windows 7, 10, and 11 before starting a video call and ensure that your webcam is working correctly; otherwise, we will think about buying a webcam sooner. If you find that the webcam is not working when you start a session, it will stop working, and you will lose that session.
Webcam test tutorial
There are different ways to test the webcam in Windows 8 or 11. Without your intervention, Windows’ built-in camera program automatically displays the image that your webcam receives. Using video conferencing applications, you can also test the front camera of the laptop.

  • 1 Windows laptop webcam health software; How to test the webcam in Windows 10
    The Camera application on the laptop is the best way to check the camera’s status. You can search for “camera” to launch this app. As in the image, you will see the Camera application. Just click on it.
    If the laptop camera is fine, you don’t need to do any additional tests because you can see the webcam view immediately. You can take care of the audio by selecting the record button – which is the white camcorder icon. After talking for a short time, click the same icon again to end the video recording.
    Now to watch the Video you have recorded, click on the shortcut of the recorded video content in the lower right corner of the program and then start playing the Video. Your laptop’s webcam is entirely safe when playing audio and Video.
  1. Webcam training and testing on a laptop.
    Skype is an additional tool for webcam testing. Similar to the method above, testing the webcam is very simple. Many users believe that Skype is the best option for video calls. You can use the following technique to test whether the laptop camera is active inside this program.

First, open the program, then select the settings from the three horizontal marks in the left window to test the webcam and ensure the laptop camera is working correctly. Go to the Settings page and click on Audio and Video. Everything is fine if you can see the webcam image as shown above. If not, you may have chosen a better camera. Click the drop-down menu at the top of the window that displays the webcam image, then select the appropriate camera.

  1. Using Zoom software to check the webcam on the laptop.
    Zoom can be used to test the laptop camera, like Skype. Click on your account avatar in the top right corner of this app on the front page, where you should start. In the drop-down menu, select Settings. Select Video as shown in the settings window below.
    You should now be able to see the image that the webcam is receiving. Also, the camera may only be set up correctly if you see the Video. The drop-down menu at the bottom of the image and the camera section allows you to select the webcam driver.
    Check your webcam online.
    If Windows 7 or 10 does not come with Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Camera software, you can test the laptop camera in another way. Websites that try the health of laptop cameras can be used instead of software.
  2. Website test for a webcam.
    Test Webcam is one of the best websites for this.
    The webcam test method on this site is much simpler than the software mentioned above. Your webcam image will be shown to you after visiting the website and will be automatically recognized. Of course, you must first allow the website to access your webcam through your browser. In addition, on the left side, you can see more details of the webcam, including name, frame rate, megapixels, aspect ratio, etc.
  • 2 webcam test exercises. Online microphone test
    The Online Mic Test website is primarily used for testing microphones, but it also has tools for testing speakers, keyboards, mice, and of course, webcams online. It is straightforward to use this tool to test laptop cameras. Just go to this page and click on the play icon.
    Then click Allow in the access request message. You should see your photo immediately.
    – Three WebCamMic test websites.
    In addition to webcam testing, this website also allows users to test microphones and headphones. It’s not just for testing webcams on PCs and laptops. However, trying a webcam is primarily about how to use it. On the website’s home page, you must select the Test webcam option to start the test.
    Click Allow to accept the access message. If your webcam is working correctly, you should be able to see the image on the website.
    We’ve covered several methods you can use in this tutorial on webcam testing. Before starting a video meeting, you can safely check your computer’s webcam. You can test the webcam on a laptop using the Windows Camera program, other Video conferencing programs such as Skype and Zoom, and online, as we mentioned above.

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