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Samsung A04 and Samsung A04s battery comparison.

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    For an affordable price, budget phones offer minimal features and specifications for making calls, chatting, and checking the news. The market has a reasonable price range for budget phones, but the competition could be more exciting and challenging. When choosing between Samsung phones, many people ask themselves, “Which budget phone should I buy?” If the A04 does the same thing for less or if it’s worth spending more on the A04, join us for our A04 vs. A04 comparison.

    Samsung A04 and Samsung A04s battery comparison.

    These two phones, inspired by the rest of Samsung’s A-series phones this year, have many changes in appearance and have a more modern and simple appearance. Both use a completely plastic integrated body, which could be of better build quality. The back part also has a doon-don shape that is connected to the front of the phone in a curved way and makes it better to hand to some extent. Both phones share the same camera placement and type of protrusion. The camera lenses are located vertically in the body and do not form a separate part. Only the A04 phone has one less lens. The size and weight are almost the same; only the A04 phone is about a few tenths of a millimeter shorter and 3 grams lighter, which is not very noticeable in use. An essential difference between these two phones is the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the power button for the Samsung A04s, which is one of the reasons for the price difference between these two phones, and it has good accuracy, but because of the relatively weak processor of this phone, it is not very fast.

    Both phones have a flat-screen with a sizable margin that is particularly noticeable at the bottom of the device, where the selfie camera is housed in a teardrop notch above the screen. This area of the phone still needs to have a new and modern design and instead uses an older method. Completed It should not be surprising that a cheap phone would not resist water splashes.
    Because these two phones are related and only the A04s have attempted to offer hardware superior to the A04, These two phones are identical in appearance and design, and using them is almost identical. Both are also reasonably comfortable despite having poor build quality due to the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor, the A04s triumph in this category.
    You can refer to the phone review article that has already been published on the site to see the specifications and a thorough review of each phone.

    Samsung A04’s and A04’s designs

    Comparison of A04s screen with Samsung A04 screen.

    The screens on both phones are Samsung PLS LCDs, which are an improved TFT screen and measure 6.5 inches. Because they are LCD, they could be more brightly, and finally, in high light and an automatic mode, the brightness only reaches about 390 nits, which is uncomfortable in direct sunlight. In addition to their narrow viewing angle, you must use them indoors. Due to the 720-pixel resolution of both phones, you cannot see many fine details on the screen, though if you are highly accurate, you can distinguish some pixels from the programs. They don’t display accurate or good colors, but you can get better colors by adjusting the color settings on your phone. The Samsung A04s phone has a 90 Hz update rate, which makes using the phone feel relatively better and smoother. This is a significant difference between these two phones.
    There are no updates on the screen’s built-in protector, so using protective glass is preferable to prevent scratches on the screen. The only feature that sets the A04s apart from the A04 in the screen category and gives you a comparatively smoother phone-using experience is its 90 Hz refresh rate. In general, these two phones have no notable differences in details and color accuracy.

    Samsung A04 and Samsung A04s battery comparison.

    In regular and semi-light use, the 5000 mAh batteries of both phones will keep your phone charged for a day to a half. In heavy usage, they will keep you charged for about 6 to 8 hours. Thanks to the Exynos processor, the A04s consumes less battery in daily use and few applications and also has 10% more charging capacity.
    There is no significant difference between these two phones in this area and both have good charging performance and average charging speed—only the A04s score with a very slight advantage due to charging more.

    Samsung A04 and Samsung A04s battery comparison.

    In regular and semi-light use, the 5000 mAh batteries in both phones will keep you charged for one to a half days. If you use them continuously heavily, they will keep you charged for about six to eight hours. The A04s has a slightly lower battery consumption in daily use and applications thanks to the Exynos processor, which sets you up to 10% more.
    In this section, there is no significant difference between the two phones, and both have good charging performance and average charging speed; the only reason the A04s receive the points in this section is because of a tiny difference in the amount of charging.

    A04s and A04’s phone cameras from Samsung are compared.

    The A04s camera package consists of three primary 50-megapixel sensors and two 2-megapixel macro and depth detection sensors. When the primary lens is in good lighting, it is possible to see that the brightness and details are almost satisfactory but that the color composition and clarity are subpar. Because the 2-megapixel macro camera lacks autofocus, it is difficult to take good pictures with it because it has few details and almost a fantasy-like quality. With the aid of a depth detection lens, portrait photos almost always have a good subject separation, but the error is high. Due to the lack of a night mode, low-light photography is not very effective and results in noisy, grainy, and lackluster photos. The 5-megapixel selfie camera could be better; the pictures have a lot of noise, and the color scheme could be more realistic. The selfie and the primary camera can record videos with a resolution of 1080 pixels and 30 frames per second. The details are standard, but since there is no digital stabilizer, you must use a stand, monopod, or other support for better quality.

    Samsung A04S phone camera.

    Samsung A04S phone camera.
    The A04 phone has a smaller macro lens than the Samsung A04s, but other than that, there aren’t many differences in terms of quality. The A04 phone may give you more detail in some photos, but the difference could be more noticeable, and both phones have good camera performance. Possess normal.

    Performance analysis of the Samsung A04 camera.
    Due to its macro lens and additional details, the A04s generally win out in this section, but it is not significantly better than the A04.

    We are evaluating the difference in processing speed between the Samsung A04 and A04s.

    The Mediatek Helio P35 processor for the Asian version of the A04 phone and the Unisoc SC9863A chip for the international version demonstrates the Helio processor’s performance being slightly better and showing less lag and bugs during regular use. We still experience lag and slowness when using the A04s phone, which is almost expected for phones at this price. The phone uses Samsung’s Exynos 850 processor, which is about 20% better than the Unisoc version. Both phones have 3/4 GB of RAM and 32/64/128 GB of storage, which can be expanded by adding an additional external memory card (along with two SIM cards), but only the A04 phone has 6/8 GB of RAM. The only games that can be played on these phones are a few simple ones, making it nearly impossible to play games on them. Both phones’ hardware generally performs poorly, but you can only expect a little for the price. Considering how these phones are used—primarily for calls and chats, with some use for news browsing and moving around the internet—you should anticipate a bad experience with them. They lack these components, and the A04s phone has significantly more advanced hardware in this area.

    I was contrasting the user interfaces of the Samsung A04 and A04S.

    Both phones use the One UI Core 4.1 user interface, which is based on Android 12 and is a lighter version of Samsung’s proprietary user interface. This user interface is optimized for the weaker processor of these phones so that they can run programs with less difficulty. Thanks to their excellent customization features, you can easily customize the phone to your needs and usage. Most low-cost phones get one year of software updates, but it is still being determined how long this support will last. The two phones are similar in terms of this feature.

    Samsung E04 speaker vs. E04S comparison.

    The A04 phone has not been modified or improved in this section, and it still uses the same mono speaker with low bass quality and a medium volume, which can only be described as functional. Both phones have a 3-point 5 mm audio jack. Both phones support the Dolby Atmos feature, but it can only be used with speakers and headsets that also support it.

    Which phone is the better investment?

    Only the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the A04s gives it the advantage; both phones share a body with a nearly identical design and build quality. Except for the A04s’ 90 Hz refresh rate, there is hardly any difference between them in the screen area. Although the Exynos 850 processor in the Samsung A04 has less lag and bugs than the A04, it is still slow, so do not hold your breath for much. Only the addition of the macro lens in the a04s and the marginally improved photo quality allow for a slight distinction between the two cameras, which otherwise perform equally well. The remaining parts of the two phones don’t seem to differ significantly., including their user interfaces, speakers, communication capabilities, and batteries. We do not observe any advancement or improvement in the a04s phone in these areas.

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