Factors affecting the price of mobile phones

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Because of the speed at which technology is developing and advancing, everyone needs to stay up-to-date. To live a modern and intelligent life, you need modern gadgets, devices, and smartphones.

Before buying a mobile phone or any other device, price is the second most important thing after the device’s performance due to market conditions and price fluctuations. Each person weighs different factors when deciding to buy a cell phone, and among them are the features they find attractive, which in turn may affect the cost of the device. In this article, we will discuss the most critical factors affecting the price of a mobile phone.

Exchange rates, economic and social conditions, and importer hoarding, among other things, may all affect how much a cell phone costs. Seven of them are listed below.

The main factor determining the price of a mobile phone is the fluctuation in the currency market.

When shopping for a cell phone, check the dollar price first. Customers often check prices due to changes in the value of the dollar. Cell phone dealers regularly check for new and up-to-date prices to shop for the lowest cell phone rates and prepare for the customer. When the value of the currency and the dollar are at their lowest, it is preferable to buy a mobile phone.

Mobile phone brand

The model and brand of the mobile phone are two of the most important factors that affect its price. The famous iPhone and Samsung brands have higher costs due to their market dominance and high-quality products.

With better research on some brands in the market, you can get the desired specifications at a lower cost and comparable quality. For example, in a comparison between Samsung and Xiaomi, it’s undeniable that you can get all the specs you want in a Samsung phone for less, while Xiaomi phones are of an equal or higher caliber.

However, other companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Nokia are trying to offer smartphones at a more affordable price. Economic brands produce models with solid hardware and high quality. So, check out comparable phones from other brands before you buy.

Specifications of mobile phones

Great features in modern smartphones determine their price. Consider having a fingerprint sensor, a good camera, plenty of storage, and a SIM card slot, to give a few examples. , and all are advantages of a phone. The price of a mobile phone increases with the number of features it has.

The screen of a mobile device.

According to HIS Markit, the 6.87-inch LCD with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra model was priced at $75. The price of the 6.4-inch Samsung A50 screen is three times that of this screen. OLED frees up more space on the phone’s screen for the battery and other components. It is important to remember that an OLED screen will increase the cost of your chosen mobile phone.

CPU or chipset is the brain of the smartphone.

The brains behind mobile devices, including the operating system, buttons, batteries, etc., are called chipsets. The high speed of RAM, memory bandwidth, chip size, and the amount of energy used for data processing are among the variables affecting the price of the chipset.

The Samsung-branded Exynos 9610 processor is used in the Galaxy A50, a budget model, in addition to Snapdragon and Qualcomm chipsets. Compared to other Snapdragon chipsets available for $14.90, this chipset is cheaper and more innovative.

A camera on a mobile phone

If you are the type of person who values your device’s camera a lot, the price of your mobile phone will be significantly affected. The bigger the camera module, the quality of the images corresponding to a professional camera, and naturally, the cost of the phone will be higher.

Many other components such as memory, radio frequency receivers, battery capacity, speaker, and microphone are also influential in determining the cost of a mobile phone in addition to these three more essential components.

In some mobile phones, changing just one component can lead to a significant price change. For example, the cost of 256 and 64 memory is two to three times different compared to a mobile phone with various memory. Considering your needs and budget, consider these factors before purchasing.

Phone warranty company.

The warranty based on which a mobile phone is guaranteed one of the elements that determine the cost of that phone in the market. Before buying any phone in Iran, check the phone’s warranty because the country has channels for importing phones. As a result, invalid contracts on some phones and a lack of support after purchase. The cost of any phone with a transferable warranty may increase by more than 20%.

Import restrictions for mobile devices

The price of mobile phones is heavily influenced by imports, which is also a significant factor. If there are problems with senses, there will be fewer mobile phones available in the market, ultimately leading to an increase in the cost of mobile phones.

The plan to outlaw the mobile phone registry has dramatically damaged the industry. Before implementing bans on the mobile phone registry, many sellers registered and sold imported phones with passenger passport information. However, imports have decreased, and mobile phone prices are increasing.

Since the iPhone 14 was unveiled a few months ago, this problem has persisted. Even importing this phone as a passenger is illegal in Iran, which increases the cost of the device. And other commercially available mobile phones.

A nation that produces mobile phones

Some cell phones may have caught your attention because they are manufactured in several countries before being sold to consumers. For example, some Samsung cell phone models are manufactured in Indonesia, China, India, and Korea. And the final price of the products of each of these countries depends on the number of goods produced for the market. Mobile phone prices may also vary depending on the target country’s chosen operating system and preferred language. The up-to-date Persian language and the unique characteristics of our nation are two reasons why the global version is prevalent in Iran.

Moreover, this is also true for iPhone mobile phones. Currently, iPhones manufactured and sold in Iran have US (LL), Hong Kong (ZP), and China (CH) part numbers. The only difference between the iPhones is in their features. There is no difference in the quality of the phones. For example, if you want an iPhone 2 with a SIM card, you must choose your phone from the part number of Hong Kong or China, which affects the price of the mobile phone.

Social terms

The state of society can affect the price of mobile phones in good and bad ways. For example, mobile phone and laptop demand increased significantly last year due to the Canadian virus outbreak, remote work for employees, and virtual education in schools and universities. At the same time, the cost of cell phones and tablets increased by approximately 15 to 20 percent.

Circumstances such as the coronavirus or war may significantly impact market buying and selling. Due to sanctions and other political factors, the price of mobile phones and other electronic devices in our country is constantly changing, making it possible for price changes to occur several times a week.

The last word.

Keep in mind all the elements collected in this article that affect the price of mobile phones for a purchase that you are satisfied with. When shopping for a cell phone, keep in mind that the presence of an expert familiar with all the features and rates in the market will help you make an informed decision.

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