An overview of the GTA video game series from its inception up to the present.

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Please read this article through to the end if you’re curious about the background of the GTA video game series.
David Jones and Mike Dailly first developed the action-adventure game series known as Grand Theft Auto, or simply GTA, in 1997. Leslie Benzies, Aaron Garbut, Dan and Sam Houser, and others oversaw the later development of the title. The British division of Rockstar North, formerly DMA Design, created and released this game in its original form. Vehicle theft in the US is referred to as “grand theft auto.”.
The games in the GTA series have a history.
We’ll introduce and briefly discuss the GTA video game series.

The majority of the GTA video game’s episodes are set in made-up cities, some of which bear names of real places, including “Liberty City,” “Vice City,” and “San Andreas,” respectively. They are situated in New York, Miami, and California. In the initial iteration of the game, three cities were involved, but in later episodes, only one city was the primary setting. The game’s gameplay is open-world in design, allowing the player to decide which missions to complete next and how the plot unfolds. Aside assignments are also available. Since the game is an action-adventure, the player is free to take part in any stage they choose, including driving stages, third-person shooting, car theft, role-playing, performing stealth stages, and even racing cars.

Though their motivations vary from game to game, the main characters in the GTA series are interested in advancement and growth in the criminal underworld. As a nod to classic 16-bit games like Riot City, the game also features “hit go ahead” components. The antagonistic characters in a game are those who try to stifle the main character’s development or betray him or their organization. Ray Liotta, Samuel L. Jackson, and other well-known actors have contributed to the game’s voice cast. Michael L. Jackson). Jackson) and “Peter Fonda” (Peter Fonda) emphasized.

The first game in the GTA series was released by DMA Design in 1997. Eleven GTA games have been released as of the end of 2019, including four versions with extra content. The third iteration of this game, GTA 3, is regarded as a special edition because it was at this point that the game transitioned from 2D to 3D. The succeeding versions, which followed this one’s guidelines and conventions, also successfully gained both fans’ and critics’ approval for each episode. This game was so strong and widespread that it had an impact on other open-world games as well.
The GTA video game series has amassed over 280 million copies worldwide and is very successful in terms of both critics’ reviews and sales, with an estimated income of over 9 billion dollars. Behind titles like Mario, Tetris, and Pokemon, this game managed to land on the list of the fourth-best-selling games worldwide. GTA was listed among the UK’s Best Game Designs in 2006. The “most successful British export,” according to the Telegraph website in 2013, was Grand Theft Auto. In addition, the game’s use of violent and adult scenes has been criticized. From this link, you can read the most recent GTA 6 publications.

GTA gameplay.
The features and gameplay components of GTA games will be discussed in this section. The gameplay in the GTI series of games is one of the critical elements that can be mentioned in terms of entertainment. The gameplay of every GTA game is created in a way that enables the player to look for entertainment anywhere and in any circumstance. Gamers have been able to participate in this game series for a long time because each version of the GTA game has a large number of challenges and stages. If you are looking for more information in this regard, it is recommended to stay with us.

The player could take control of a criminal in a big city who desired advancement within the criminal gang in every episode of the GTA video game series. The bosses and other influential citizens of the city assigned the player various tasks that needed to be completed in order to advance the game’s plot.

In later versions, especially after the release of Grand Theft Auto 2, a richer story was included in the game, where the player had to face unfortunate events (for example, the main character was betrayed and then left to die) that served as motivation. It was possible for the player to want to reach the higher ranks of the organization, which always ended in victory. Killing private individuals and other acts of violence were standard features of each mission. Sometimes driving a taxi, helping to put out a fire, street rally races, driving a bus, or learning to fly a helicopter were other features of the first version.
The GTA game style is a unique kind of open world where you can do whatever you want. Other open-world games have linear gameplay that restricts what you can do; this is not the case with GTA. Your interactions with others and the accomplishment of side missions all have an effect on the main task for each mission and have the potential to alter it. The driving simulator was made more realistic in GTA 3 by including radio channels that played music and news broadcasts.
The police are aware of crime in the GTA video game series. A maximum of 5 or 6 stars may be earned as the player engages in criminal activity by making a “Wanted” or “Star” status. You can get a star for committing minor offenses like running over pedestrians, and you can get even more if you shoot the police. When you have one star, two police cars might follow you, but if you have five or six stars, tanks and helicopters will also show up to arrest you. The more stars you have, the more vital and more numerous the police force that is looking for you.

Many of the missions you complete in the game will also register as stars that you must remove to complete the stage. You can sometimes get out of this situation by fleeing or by spending money in specific places (like painting a car at a repair shop). You will, of course, appear in front of a hospital or outpost after a short while if you die in the game or are captured. As a result, you will lose any extra items, money, and weapons that you had with you. One of the most attractive features of the GTA game series, which is also present in other GTA-like games, is the “wanted” feature.

A list of GTA games.
The original series, add-on content packs, and the handheld console version are the three broad categories into which GTA games can be divided. In the table below, you can see the GTA games order.

If we compare GTA games to other games, this collection contains one of the most compelling gameplay available. You can search for the ideal setting to complete the stages available to you in connection with other entertainment-related parts based on the suggestions made regarding the gameplay of GTA games. The list includes each game’s Metacritic score, release date, and available platforms.

Game NameRelease DatePlatformMetacritic Score
Grand Theft Auto1997PS 1, PC, Game BoyUnknown
Grand Theft Auto 21999PS 1, PC, Game Boy70 100
Grand Theft Auto III2001PS 2, Xbox, PC, iOS, Android97 100
GTA Vice City2002PS 2, Xbox, PC, iOS, Android95 100
GTA San Andreas2004PS 2, Xbox, PS 3, Xbox 360, PC, iOS, Android95 100
GTA IV2008PS 3, Xbox 360, PC98 100
GTA V2013PS 3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, PC97 100

According to the table mentioned above, you should be aware that GTAV has received more points than other games in the GTA series, and as a result, you can enjoy engaging and enjoyable gameplay for more than 500 hours. The fact that this game was developed in 2008, as noted in the table, put it one step ahead of games released this year, proving that Rockstar games are always of a higher caliber than other games is a guarantee. Been in the lead.
You should be aware that this entertainment franchise is based on some made-up events that Rockstar decided to include in the most recent iteration of its game, GTA 6, by the information provided about all GTA games. Show off a new iteration of your games. You can stick around with us to learn more about GTA 6 in this context.
Rockstar spends a lot of money creating its games, but the Grand Theft Auto game series has generally been able to score above 90 in each version. However, this company’s the production and performance power have been demonstrated for gamers. It is advised that you share your thoughts and experiences about Rockstar games, particularly GTA, in the comments section because every version of the GTA games in history has made the company a sizable profit.

Last word.

GTA V for Android.

The review of the games in the Grand Theft Auto series has concluded. While this was happening, positive things were said about this video game collection. Both the first GTA game and the most recent GTA game, GTA 6, provided helpful information. Do you know of another entertaining game that can compete with the GTA series? How do you feel about this type of game?

In general, we attempted to provide an in-depth analysis of the GTA video game series in this article. Since many years ago, the GTA game series has enjoyed enormous popularity among gamers worldwide, and this popularity is only growing. Since these games have a unique and high level of violence, it is essential to pay attention to their age classification before purchasing, which was also mentioned in the text. Social severe harm can be done to a person by excessive violence or confronting problems they haven’t yet identified and understood. You can share your thoughts and experiences about this game in the comments section if you have any.

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